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Practice areas

The law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT works exclusively with contract and business law.

In this regard, it has a recognized diploma and solid experience which allows it to better train its clients, advise them on the drafting of their contracts and, in case of litigation, assist them in the resolution of it, by amicable or judicial means.

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  • Legal trainings and updates

    Maïthé SAMBUIS, Esq. who is a lecturer in business law at the University of Lyon III (in France), also provides the clients of the law firm with practical legal trainings, upon their request and in accordance with their special requirements.

    Moreover, the law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT frequently helps its clients to establish an internal protocol to collect their debts before, if nessecary and for their most recalcitrant debtors, handing this mission over to it.

    The law firm also trains its clients on drafting guarantee documents that must contain the information listed by the French law under pain of nullity, which can be raised by the judge himself. This legal training is much appreciated by companies, which often ask a guarantee from the leader of their debtors, especially when the latter are limited liability companies. In this respect, the training provided by the law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT, helps thems to identify the risk of nullity and prevent it by ensuring, on the contrary, the validity of their legal documents.

    Moreover, the law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT regularly provides its clients with legal updates, especialy when new regulations develop that concerns the activities of its clients. For example, this was the case of the law dated March 17, 2014 about consumption, called "loi Hamon", which have had some impact on the e-commerce and on the drafting of general sale conditions; of the law dated June 18, 2015, called "loi Pinel", reforming the status of commercial leases in France; and of the law dated August 6, 2015, called "loi Macron", modifying notably the payment deadlines between professionnals and the start of the withdrawal period after the signature of the distance selling contracts.

  • Legal advice in contract and distribution law

    The law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT drafts and reviews all types of contracts for professionnal and individual clients, such as general terms and conditions of sale, contracts of guarantee, franchise agreements, concession contracts, etc..

    For individual clients, this may also include the draft of "a free loan for use contract" to avoid the qualification and taxation as donation of a free loan of apartment or house by parents to one of their children, which is a potential source of conflict between inheriting children.

    In such cases, the law firm recommmends a contract countersigned by the parties and itself, which increases its value since the law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT verifies and testifies, in this manner, to the signature and to the identity of the parties.

    The law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT also analyses the advertising campaigns as well as the promotion campaigns of its clients, to ensure their compliance with the French law.

  • Amicable dispute resolution

    When litigation appears, the law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT tries, first and as far as possible, to find an amicable solution, believing in this quote from Honoré de Balzac (a famous French author): "It’s [sometimes] better to get a bad out-of-court settlement than to have a good trial".

    In addition, it is recalled that this attempt to reach an amicable settlement has been a necessary pre-condition for bringing an action before the French civil jurisdictions since April 1st, 2015 (See the French executive order n° 2015-282 dated March 11, 2015).

    In practical terms and in demand, this is shown by the systematic draft of a formal notice, warning the adverse party about the fact that, failing agreement within a limited time, a legal action would be taken against him or her.

    In this regard, the law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT may also assist its clients in negotiations, to formalise a possible agreement between the parties and make it probated by a Court if needed or desired.

  • Contractual and business litigation

    The law firm SAMBUIS AVOCAT assists its clients, as claimants or defendants, before the relevant Courts or authorities throughout France, for cases related notably to the following matters:

    - Contract law (i.e., actions for payment, in contractual liability, for hidden defects or for non-compliance, contest over the validity of contract, litigations between landlords, lessees and guarantors);

    - Commercial law (i.e., breach of established commercial relationships, debts collection, litigations related to commercial leases or commercial agents contracts);

    - Insolvency proceedings (i.e., reporting debts, declaration of cessation of payments, request for the opening of a collective procedure, claim upon merchandise, drafting offer to purchase businesses belonging to companies subject of collective insolvency proceedings);

    - Construction law (i.e., action for damages, implementation of guarentees for constructions);

    - Competition law (i.e., actions for infringement, for unfair competition, parasitism);

    - Criminal business law (i.e., fraud, misuse of corporate assets, breach of trust, theft, forgery, commercial denigration).